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Back too Community

Does community sill exist in the world we live in today? If so what does it look like or how will it look in the future?

“Community- A unified body of individuals: such as the people with common interests living in a particular area broadly: the area itself ”- Merriam-Webster

What is Back too Community?

We chose Back too Community, because our generation today has been moving further away from community and towards everyone for themselves. The focus before was more on an individual home community not just a community as a whole. There would be neighborhoods where everyone would just lookout for each other or have neighborhood gatherings. Most of the time it was more of a neighborhood watch which at times could prove problematic and exclusionary. In the past and now homes are still completely independent from each other and completely dependent on the grid.

The goal is to bring back the sense of neighborhood community, but in a new yet familiar way. It would still be where everyone in the community looks out for each other but differs with the way the community is built. Within the community there will be resident ran vegetable gardens to help reduce the overall cost of food. The community will offer a variety of programs for residents to participate in that benefit both themselves and the community. Many other programs will be released as we get closer to building our first community such as ride share and financial education. Community events would be open to all who would like to attend.

The utilities of the community would also differ from before. The community would mostly be independent from the grid and would be self-sustainable. Every home would produce its own energy and have a wastewater recycling system. There would be connection points between them to allow each home to be part of a safety net and benefit from it at the same time. This allows for a centralized system for components such as the water supply, waste, and electricity to create a microgrid.

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