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New Bootstraps

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Independence is a hard thing to achieve today. Whether its financial, social, or environmental. The struggle to find a space for yourself gets harder with every day. On top of that, the the kind of independence we are sold pales in comparison to what used to be possible. Many of the support systems and infrastructure that are in place to assist with this are either collapsing, defunded, or long gone. Pulling yourself up by your boot straps is not possible. The fiction that it is just further drives people into despair and exhaustion. The best hope we have to circumvent these failed systems is to construct our own. Fundamentally we must make communities from the ground up. Systems of self reliance that can then be used together as a group to better everyone. Doing this on a personal and smaller scale will make us all more reliant and capable of achieving that independence we need but is so hard to achieve without help.

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